All photography provided by Devonte Williams

I am glad that you desire to learn more about me. I believe that the basis for everything in life is communication. From this we gain security and build trust. Trust is what we all long to have in all interactions we take part in. This world is changing, it is becoming a world where everything is becoming commoditized. I still believe in being personable and providing a good experience.

I'm Devonte Williams a.k.a Vonte Vision. I'm originally from the Bay Area but currently live in Modesto, California. I am currently engaged to the woman of my dreams. My background is in  recording engineering, producing, and song writing. Ever since I was a child I always had an affection for art. Nothing brings me more joy then capturing moments and watching others as they re-experience the emotion they felt. It gives you something to hold onto, it validates that what you felt was real. This is why I love my job. This is why I became a  photographer.   

The Mission

Since 2014, The goal has been to be with you for all of life's important moments. While making timeless memories. My mission is to help you celebrate the special moments in your life, from the quiet ones that go on daily to the big, emotional, important moments that change your life forever, and everything in between.